Christmas, Classic Fruit, Dundee and Simnel Cakes made the way cakes used to be made

All cakes are handcrafted and baked in my licensed farm kitchen. Every cake is created with that fresh taste that comes from using real butter, cage-free eggs and good, honest ingredients.
Suitable for any occasion, as a gift for family, friends or corporate/business clients or as a delicious everyday treat you and your family will love.

fruit-cake-glorious-food-catering-canterbury-darfield-christchurch-new-zealandGLORIOUS FOOD CAKE MENU

Cake sizes:  Small = 500gm   Medium = 1.6kg   Large = 2kg


CLASSIC CHRISTMAS CAKE           (also available gluten free)

Small – 500gm $15.00 Medium – 1.6kg $45.00 Large – 2kg $60.00

A luscious, moist Xmas cake full of fruit and spices

Our handcrafted, award winning Christmas cake packed with real butter, eggs, spices and mixed fruit soaked in brandy for extra moisture. This cake gets better and better, the longer you let it stand and mellow. Deliciously tempting; try not to eat it if you can!


CLASSIC FRUIT CAKE       (also available gluten free)

Small – 500gm $15.00 Medium – 1.6kg $45.00 Large – 2kg $60.00

A luscious, moist fruit cake for any time of the year

A family favourite loaded with real fruit, real butter, eggs and top-notch ingredients. This cake is a show-stopper that always wins the Best Fruit Cake at the annual Sheffield Show.



Small – 500gm $10.00 Medium – 1.6kg $40.00

Traditional Scottish fruit cake made the Mackenzie way

Delectably delicious Dundee cake made with mixed fruit, ground almonds, spices, real butter, eggs and a generous dash of Scottish Whiskey.



Small – 500gm $10.00 Medium – 1.6kg $40.00

Light, moist fruit cake – traditionally eaten at Easter time
An enticing mix of real butter, eggs, lemon, spices, syrup and mixed fruit with a layer of almond paste. Too good to only eat at Easter; try it all year round!


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