Relishes, chutneys, pickles or preserves – whatever name you prefer, your taste buds will enjoy the delicious fulsome flavours of the Glorious Food range of relishes.

Using fresh seasonal produce, the taste of my handmade relishes comes from using the best ingredients. You won’t find any artificial colours or preservatives here.

A perfect gift for family, friends or for corporate/business clients or simply use every day to give your meals added zing and appeal.


Small – 500gm $15.00 Medium – 1.6kg $45.00 Large – 2kg $60.00

MINT AND APPLE RELISH                              $8.00

A full flavoured relish that goes perfectly with lamb

The fresh taste of mint deliciously simmered with apples, onions, raisins and mustard seeds.

Use every day to give your meals that extra special zing.


FEIJOA AND RHUBARB RELISH                   $8.00

A tasty relish that adds extra zest to cheese, lunches and savoury dishes

Aromatic flavours of Feijoas and Rhubarb simmered in sugared vinegar with dates, raisins, ginger, mustard seeds and a tiny touch of chilli.

Use with cheese and crackers, in sandwiches or as an accompaniment alongside hot or cold meat, tarts and salads


BEETROOT RELISH                                            $8.00

A richly coloured relish that’s great with cheeses and cold meat

Enticing fragrances of balsamic vinegar, orange rind and mustard seeds combined with the warm, summer taste of beetroot.

Use with cheeses, cold meats, in sandwiches or as a condiment with savoury dishes and salads



Refreshingly, fragrant Elderflower Cordial

Elderflower blooms are handpicked from the wild on the Canterbury Plains, and then steeped in water, sugar and lemon to produce this concentrated cordial syrup.

Add syrup to soda water, sparkling water or sparkling wine for a refreshing, effervescent drink. Use as a mixer with gin, vodka or cider.

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